A plaque and tuition scholarship (equating to the tuition cost of one course of study and, to be used within the next academic year) is presented to the CITT student, residing in Saskatchewan, for the highest academic standing in either Transportation Systems or Logistics Processes. The CITT will assess the marks of individuals for the previous calendar year’s sessions to determine the recipient. (Example: Winter 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 sessions determine the 2013 recipient)


A $1000 scholarship is presented to a direct descendant (including stepchildren) of a member in good standing. The recipient must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution of any field of study or in non-post-secondary logistics-related training. Applications for the scholarship must be presented to the STC Executive in writing with proof of enrollment by no later than April 1st each year. In the case of multiple applications, the STC Executive will vote on the recipient.


The Award of Valour is bestowed upon any individual or group who, within the previous twelve months, at great personal risk, prevented or attempted to prevent, the loss of life or property. It is not necessary that this action be transportation related.


The Award of Achievement is presented to an individual for their efforts in creating and developing a successful transportation related enterprise.


The Award of Excellence is presented to an individual in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the transportation industry.

*Nominations for the awards should include a brief biography about the nominee and must be received by April 1st, each year, by mail to:

     Saskatoon Transportation Club
     P.O. Box 1643
     Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7K 3R8

or by e-mail to:

Please note, these Awards are not necessarily issued every year.

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